jose lópez serra (1992)

vive y trabaja / lives and works : san juan, pr



José López Serra (1992, San Juan, PR) is a cultural worker from San Juan, PR, who lives and works in San Juan, PR. Through an interdisciplinary practice that combines curating and art production, his work concerns contemporary everyday life and its manifestation through formal/informal means. Employing photography, installation, sculpture, painting, and found objects, his work reflects on concrete situations and concepts that ground existence in Puerto Rico. Guided by the idea of making do, he experiments with hybrid forms inside established mediums, exploring the different strategies, tactics, and significations attached and produced by them. His recent exhibitions include "A Watched Pot Never Boils" at Galería Agustina Ferreyra, Mexico City (2020); "every crack, every ____" at 47 Canal, New York City (2020); "#situacióndepaís #rickyteboté #verano2019 #hayhuracanes #caceroladas #nosdeshilan #hasta’bajo #seguimos", Diagonal, San Juan, PR (2019). He has directed Hidrante since 2015, an independent artist-run space with a program of exhibitions, residencies, and events. Recent curated exhibitions include "De progreso, sólo cenizas se amontonan" and "un grano de arena comprende, la distancia" at Museo Tamayo/The Backroom (2020-2021), "cualesquiera" with nibia pastrana santiago, Hidrante, San Juan (2020); "morder el polvo" with Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Javier Fresneda, and Seth Ferris, Hidrante, San Juan (2019).

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